Why volunteer?

More than just a tourist!

Volunteering during your gap year or as a break during or after university allows you to explore the world as more than just a tourist.

Lattitude Global Volunteering will make all the arrangements for you and support you every step of the way.  If you would like to leave your mark on a community abroad, make a real difference to people’s lives, and experience the adventure of a lifetime, a Lattitude volunteering placement could be for you!

Through volunteering you can:

Help others in meaningful ways

You will have the chance to help people who really need your support and can benefit from having the opportunity to spend time with you as you volunteer.

Experience life

Taking time out to volunteer overseas provides a rare opportunity to do something completely unique.  It is a springboard for discovering yourself and the world. Volunteering abroad might even help you plan for your future, opening your mind to possibilities you had not even considered.

Have an adventure

Going on a Lattitude Global Volunteering placement is a real challenge.  You will live and work in a different culture, and experience life from another perspective in a way that a tourist never could.  You will have time to travel but your volunteering adventure will take you much further and have a lasting impact.

Make new friends

You’re guaranteed to meet like-minded people on volunteer placement.  Some will be fellow volunteers, some will be colleagues, students or members of the community. Many will become friends for life.

Practice a language

The best way to improve your foreign language skills is to spend time in the country itself, away from your home influences.  Volunteering abroad is an ideal way to improve any language skills you may already have, or even learn new ones!  You never know when conversational Zulu or basic Vietnamese will come in handy!

Experience another culture

When simply traveling between countries you rarely have time to learn about different ways of life.  By spending several months living and working overseas, you are able to truly experience and immerse yourself in the culture of your chosen country.  Many of our volunteers tell us how homesick they feel for their placement country on their return home. It’s called Reverse Culture Shock, and it just goes to show how fully you become immersed in a new country while volunteering!

Enhance your CV

Getting in to university or finding a new job can sometimes be hard work. Having a Lattitude Global Volunteering placement on your CV can make all the difference, particularly when you can explain the impact that your volunteering experience had on your own personal development and the benefits you brought to your host communities.