New Zealand

Aotearoa, “the Land of the Long White Cloud”, New Zealand is justly famous for its stunning scenery and dramatic landscape, featured so prominently in the Lord of the Rings films.  Friendly, welcoming and laid back, New Zealand is the place for anyone looking for adventure and the adrenalin rush of outdoor sports.  We have placements throughout the country in some wonderful schools.

Placement Locations

Placements are located in:

North Island: Whangarei. Albany, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Stratford, Wanganui, Masterton, Napier, Hastings, Palmerston North.
South Island: Nelson, Blenheim, Timaru, Oamaru, Gore.

Is it for me?

New Zealand rewards volunteers with a “can do” attitude.  You will be expected to throw yourself into all aspects of school life and be positive, friendly and helpful to the staff and students you are working with.  The schools will want to make the most of whatever skills you can bring them, be that in sports, music, art, drama or academically.

Roles Explained

Education placements involve working in boarding schools supervising the pupils with their homework, assisting them in the boarding house, helping teachers in the classroom and organising extra-curricular activities. Life as a volunteer in a boarding school is not a 9-5 existence as you may be asked to supervise in the early mornings, ensuring the dorms are tidy and the students ready for breakfast. In the evenings you might be asked to assist with prep and supervise extra-curricular activities. The same is true of weekend duty when you may take pupils on outings.

Outdoor Education: We have some placements in Outdoor Ed camps in NZ – duties are assisting groups of young campers with the various skills and activities, such as rope-climbing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, camping, archery etc. Some experience and skill in these activites is needed.

A small amount of pocket money is paid each week.

Accommodation and Food

Volunteers in a school can have their own room in the boarding house or a flat provided by the school which you share with fellow volunteers and/or staff. Those in day schools will live with a host family.

What’s Included?

Pre-departure briefing
Airport Pickup
Accommodation & food
Pocket money
In-country orientation & teaching skills course
In-country support
24/7 support

Need to know

Pre departure briefing – all volunteers are invited to a group briefing prior to departure
On arrival – volunteers attend a 2-3 day orientation before placements commence



Interview fee $100
Contribution fee $3300
Tax $15


You will also need to budget for:
Travel insurance
Police check


Volunteers have the opportunity to travel within New Zealand or further afield to Australia or the Pacific islands during holidays and after their placement.  For those seeking a real adrenalin rush New Zealand offers almost unlimited opportunities for excitement.  There’s skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, skiing, whale watching, glacier exploring, canyoning, horse riding… actually the list is endless.  Then relax in a geothermal pool in Rotorua, watch penguins in Picton and explore Maori culture.

Program overview

Minimum age:
Feb, July/Aug
6 months (outdoor ed), 11 months (school assistant)

Roles available:

Local support in New Zealand

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Quick facts

4.3 million
GMT +12
Mild and temperate
New Zealand dollar


“Some people have asked if I would make the same choices if I could go back to the start of my gap year, or would I go to university like most of my friends? I can honestly say, I’d be back in New Zealand like a shot. Becoming a part of a new place is indescribable, all I can say is – I had the time of my life, when can I go back?” Elenor Clark, Schools Assistant

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