Situated on the coast of West Africa, Ghana is a country full of beautiful beaches, lush vegetation and the world’s largest artificial lake – Lake Volta! Although a stable country, many Ghanaians live in poverty, giving volunteers the chance to really make a difference. English is learned at school and widely spoken, but a little effort to learn a few phrases in one of the local languages will go a long way.

Placement Locations

The majority of placements are located in the south, around Accra and Takoradi with a few slightly further inland.

Is it for me?

Teaching in Ghana will be rewarding, challenging and full of surprises. Volunteers must be aware that the Ghanaian way of life is very different to life in the UK and they must therefore be sensible, mature and respectful. If you are up to the challenge of teaching in a completely different environment and becoming immersed in a new culture then an exciting time awaits.

Roles Explained

All our placements in Ghana are based in schools. Many of our host schools are run as private charities to help the local community. The majority of schools have a kindergarten (2-5 years), a primary department (6-12 years) and several have a junior secondary department (13-15 years). We also have placements in a senior secondary school (16-19 years) which is suitable for graduates. Volunteers will be teaching English and many will also teach Maths, Science and other subjects depending on their skills and the school’s needs. Volunteers working with pre-school children will also do some care work and help with any extra-curricular activities. Schools are very under-resourced – talk and chalk if you are lucky – but you will find that the students are eager and willing to learn and the more effort you put in the more you will be rewarded.

Accommodation and Food

Most volunteers live with a host family giving you a unique opportunity to share the lives of local people. Ghanaian society is far more traditional than western and your hosts will  like you to live as a family member and to spend time with them.  They will welcome you with open arms.

Some volunteers choose to live in staff accommodation or have a room in a boarding school. This gives you more independence, but you will still be living close to teachers and students.

You are free to travel away at weekends and school holidays, provided that you let your host know that you will be away.

What’s Included?

Pre-departure briefing
Airport pickup
Accommodation & food
In-country orientation
In-country support
24/7 support

Need to know

Pre departure briefing – all volunteers are invited to a group briefing prior to departure
On arrival – all volunteers have a 3 day orientation in Accra



Interview fee $100
Contribution fee $3600
Tax $15


You will also need to budget for:

Travel insurance
Teaching skills course (teaching placements only)
Police check


Volunteers have the opportunity to travel around Ghana at weekends and during holidays.  Many spend time at the Coast, visiting the castles and forts left behind by colonial powers engaged in gold, ivory and slave trading.  Heading inland, volunteers take safaris in places such as Mole National Park where elephants, hippos and buffalo abound and elusive lions may be spotted.  Ghanaians love festivals and wherever you go you are sure to find something exciting and unusual happening.

Program overview

Minimum age:
Feb, Sept
5 months

Roles available:

Local support in Ghana

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Quick facts

English is the official language, many others are also spoken
23.8 million
Warm, tropical
Ghanaian Cedi


“However big or small the input I had into the children’s lives, I feel fortunate to have had the chance to meet and interact with them all. Although time has passed, I have to admit my heart is still in Ghana. It was a phenomenal, life-enhancing and truly unforgettable experience. Volunteering in Ghana made 2009 the most special and memorable year. I truly feel privileged to have completed a placement in such a fantastic country.” Lucy, Teacher

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