Ghana, Lucy

Lucy Volunteered as Teacher in Ghana

If I had to sum up my time in Ghana, I would say that it was a phenomenal, life-enhancing and truly unforgettable experience. Volunteering in Ghana for five months made 2009 the most special and memorable year, I truly feel privileged to have had completed a placement in such a fantastic country

My role in Ghana was to teach English and ICT to various classes but I also worked in the crèche on Fridays. Teaching ICT without a computer was certainly a challenge, as was teaching in a wet classroom full of puddles every time it rained. These are just two examples of many moments I had in Ghana which reminded me of the privileged life I lead at home.

When I first arrived, the children had difficulty understanding my English accent and I believe that aside from the teaching, hearing spoken English really helped them develop their language skills. I saw a big improvement in their speech and understanding throughout the course of my placement.

I stayed with Madam Love Kwofie (Grandma) who lives at and owns the nursery and primary school, Heavenly Home Academy. Heavenly Home Academy is a wonderful school, with friendly, bright and loving children, and, like the rest of the country it has an amazing sense of community. It didn’t take long before Ghana felt like home and immersing into everyday life as part of a family was a really big part of that. I was welcomed with open arms and I felt so much a part of everything.

I became very close to two of my students, a boy named Kweku who lives at Heavenly Home and a girl named Beatrice who lives very close to the school. Despite the abundance of beautiful beaches along the coast, neither of them had ever been swimming before. I took them to the beach and felt very proud to see them gain confidence in the water and begin developing the ability to swim.

However big or small the input I had into the children’s lives at Heavenly Home, I feel fortunate to have had the chance to meet and interact with them all. Although time has passed, I have to admit my heart is still in Ghana. The friendships and bonds I made and the memories I have gained, mean so much to me and for that reason I would like to thank Lattitude Global Volunteering for the generous grant given to me towards my trip, I cannot imagine not having taken a gap year. The experiences and challenges of living and working in Ghana have made me a more independent, confident and stronger person.