Global Managers Meeting

Posted on: November 29th, 2012 by Pia


Earlier this month all of our country program managers, regional directors and senior staff traveled to the Lattitude head office in Reading UK. This was an exciting week filled with informative sessions and discussions designed to educate and inform our management staff. It was also a great chance for our managers to get to know one another better and socialize face to face. We work together everyday but for many this was the first time meeting in person and certainly the first time everyone was together in one place at one time. As you can see there were lots of smiles and a few pints shared.


The meeting hotel in Reading


Afternoon tea anyone



Stuart, Glyn and Beata

Stuart Sutton-Jones (Director, North America), Glyn Williams (Director, Asia and Pacific) and Beata Skokowska (Poland Country Manager)

Henry, Stuart and David

Henry Cartey: Ghana Country Manager
David Kirton: Fiji Country Manager
Stuart Sutton-Jones: Director of North America

Stuart Sutton-Jones


Sergio Gallego-Schmid (Reading office) introduces  Jo Walsh (Melbourne office) to new UK staff member Shana DeSilva

The local pub Pitcher & Piano

I like this name for a store ;)


LGV headquarters!

Knock knock, who’s there?

It was an excellent session at headquarters of sharing of experiences and information

Learning from each other

Thanks – it was a most enjoyable and informative week! Hope we can all meet up again in person! Skype and all the technology in the world cannot replace human face-to-face contact!





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